Upgrade Your Board Game Experience with Dice Tower 3D Printing

Upgrade Your Board Game Experience with Dice Tower 3D Printing

Are you tired of playing board games that lack a certain level of excitement? Do you wish to upgrade your board game experience and take it to the next level? Then, Dice Tower 3D printing is the solution for you. Whether you’re an avid board gamer or a casual player, a 3D printed dice tower can transform your gaming experience into an immersive and thrilling adventure.

A 3D printed dice tower is not only functional but also adds an aesthetic value to your gameplay. No more rolling dice off the table or squinting to see where they landed. Instead, watch as the dice tumble down a tower and land on a designated surface. This adds an element of surprise and anticipation to the game, which enhances its overall appeal.

At 3D printing shops, you can choose from a wide array of designs and sizes of dice towers to suit your preferences. From intricate medieval castle-shaped towers to sleek and modern geometric designs, the possibilities are endless. You can even customize your tower with your preferred color scheme, logo, or engraving.

If you’re ready to take your board game experience to the next level, investing in a 3D printed dice tower is a must. Not only does it make gameplay more exciting, but it also adds a decorative element to your game night. So why settle for mediocre gaming when you can level up your experience with a unique and personalized dice tower?

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Upgrade Your Board Game Experience with Dice Tower 3D Printing


Playing board games is a fantastic experience that allows us to have fun while spending time with family and friends. If you are a dedicated board game player and are looking for ways to improve your gaming sessions, then look no further than a 3D-printed dice tower. These towers come in various designs and styles, allowing for customization and personalization. This article will discuss the benefits of upgrading your board game experience with a dice tower 3D printing.

What is a Dice Tower?

A dice tower is a device used to roll dice fairly. It consists of a funnel-shaped tower with various internal structures that change the roll of the dice. The dice tower aims to make rolls impartial and fair, eliminating any chance of rolling off the table or hitting another player’s pieces. A 3D-printed dice tower is the newest and most creative way to upgrade your board game experience.

Why Upgrade with a 3D-Printed Dice Tower?

There are several reasons to upgrade your board game with a 3D-printed dice tower. Firstly, 3D printing allows for the creation of unique and customized designs tailored to a game’s theme or personal preference. Secondly, the use of these dice towers eliminates any rolling disputes during gameplay, as rolls become fair and impartial. Thirdly, the device often separates the dice from the played area, keeping the board less cluttered and thus more organized.

How to Use a Dice Tower?

Using a dice tower is relatively straightforward. A player simply drops the dice into the opening at the top of the tower, and the device will funnel them through the internal structures to randomize the results. The dice then roll out of the tower and onto the game board. Players can repeat this process as many times as required during the game’s active turn.

Types of Dice Towers

There are several types of dice towers available. Some designs mimic various game styles and themes. Other designs, such as modular dice tower designs, can be interlocked to create a tower unique to the player’s preferences. These towers can be made from numerous printing materials, including filaments, resins, and plastics.

Table: Comparison Dice Rolling Ways

  Hand Rolling Dice Tray Dice Cup Dice Tower
Chance of Dice Flying Off Board or Onto Pieces High Medium Low None
Likelihood of Dice Being Fairly Rolled Low Medium Medium High
Organization of Game Table Low Medium High High
Showcase Appeal Low Medium Medium High

Advantages of 3D-Printing

The benefits of using 3D-printing technology are clear. Customization and detailed designs, as well as low production costs, make it an attractive option for game enthusiasts. 3D printing also allows for quick and easy replication of towers thanks to available digital designs.

Expert Opinion

When it comes to board games and their accessories, players are either choosing from mass-produced plastic products or crafting their items themselves. The 3D-printing revolution has changed that dynamic, allowing players to purchase affordable, custom-designed, and durable board game accessories like the dice tower. – Joshua Brotten, gaming expert.


Overall, upgrading your board game experience with a 3D-printed dice tower is a fantastic way to enhance gameplay while introducing a new element of style to the table. With their easy mechanism and unique customization capabilities, 3D-printed dice towers are undoubtedly one of the best accessories gamers can have.

Upgrade Your Board Game Experience with Dice Tower 3D Printing

Thank you for reading our article about upgrading your board game experience with Dice Tower 3D Printing! We hope that we were able to share a few insights on how this technology can help enhance your overall gameplay. Whether you are a seasoned player or just starting out, you can benefit from adding a custom-made and unique dice tower to your gaming setup.

By using 3D printing technology, you can personalize your dice tower to match your game’s theme or reflect your personality. The versatility of 3D design and printing allows you to create a unique and stunning accessory that will not only enhance your gaming experience but also impress your fellow players. From classic to avant-garde designs, you can choose from an endless range of options to make your gaming sessions unforgettable.

We encourage you to explore the possibilities of 3D printing and start experimenting with different designs to match your style and preference. Dice Tower 3D Printing is only one of the many ways that this technology can bring innovation and creativity to your hobbies and passions. Thank you again for visiting our blog and we hope that you have found value in this article. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and features, and happy gaming!

Upgrade Your Board Game Experience with Dice Tower 3D Printing

  • What is a dice tower?
  • A dice tower is a device used for rolling dice fairly in board games. It has a series of ramps or channels that the dice are dropped down which randomizes the outcome of the roll.

  • Why should I use a dice tower?
  • Using a dice tower ensures that the dice rolls are fair and random, eliminating any potential for cheating or bias. It also adds a fun and immersive element to board gaming.

  • How does 3D printing enhance my board game experience?
  • With 3D printing, you can create custom dice towers that match the theme of your board game. This adds to the overall aesthetic and immersion of the game, making it more enjoyable to play.

  • Is it difficult to 3D print a dice tower?
  • No, it’s not difficult at all. There are plenty of free designs available online, and you can easily find tutorials on how to 3D print them. All you need is a 3D printer and some basic knowledge of how to use it.

  • What materials can be used for 3D printing a dice tower?
  • You can use a variety of materials for 3D printing a dice tower, including PLA, ABS, PETG, and more. The choice of material will depend on the design of the dice tower and your personal preference.