Top 10 Must-Have 3D Print Accessories for Every Maker

Top 10 Must-Have 3D Print Accessories for Every Maker

3D printing is an exciting and rapidly advancing technology that offers a wealth of possibilities for makers, enthusiasts, and professionals alike. However, to achieve the best possible results and streamline the printing process, it’s essential to have the right accessories. The world of 3D printing accessories can be overwhelming, with countless options available at various price points.

To help you navigate this field, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 must-have 3D print accessories for every maker. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting in 3D printing, these tools will help you take your prints to the next level.

From calibration tools to filament storage solutions, our list covers accessories that are vital for accuracy, efficiency, and quality in 3D printing. These tools will not only make your printing experience more enjoyable but will also broaden your design capabilities and help stretch your creativity. Ready to learn more? Read on to discover our top 10 picks.

Whether you’re looking to fine-tune your prints, simplify your workflow or dial in your 3D printer settings, these essential accessories are key. Investing in the right accessories can make a significant impact on the quality of your prints and reduce the risk of failed prints. So, if you want to take your 3D printing hobby to the next level or turn it into a profession, you cannot ignore the importance of having these fundamental tools at your disposal.

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3D printing technology has opened up a world of possibilities for makers, crafters, and DIY enthusiasts. With the right accessories, you can unleash your creativity and bring your ideas to life in stunning detail. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 10 must-have 3D print accessories for every maker.

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1. Build Plate Adhesion Aids

One of the biggest challenges in 3D printing is getting the object to stick to the build plate during printing. This is where build plate adhesion aids come in handy. These accessories use different materials and techniques to improve adhesion and prevent warping. Some popular options include BuildTak sheets, Blue painter’s tape, and glue stick.

2. Nozzle Cleaning Kit

Over time, the nozzle on your 3D printer can get clogged with debris or filament residue. This can lead to poor print quality or even damage to the machine. A nozzle cleaning kit can help you keep your printer running smoothly by removing any buildup inside the nozzle. This kit typically includes a variety of cleaning tools such as needles, brushes, and tweezers.

3. Filament Dry Box

Maintaining the ideal environment for your filament is crucial for producing high-quality prints. A filament dry box keeps your filament clean, dry, and free of moisture that can affect print quality. This accessory can also extend the life of your filament and prevent clogs in the printer. Depending on the model, a filament dry box may feature a temperature-controlling tool or humidity indicator.

4. Digital Caliper

Precision measurements are essential for successful 3D printing. A digital caliper is a must-have accessory that measures distances and thicknesses with accuracy to the tenth of a millimeter. This tool helps you ensure that the size and shape of your printed object match your design specifications, resulting in more accurate and consistent prints.

5. Cutting Tool

Removing support structures and cleaning up printed objects is an essential part of the 3D printing process. A cutting tool such as an X-acto knife or flush cutters helps you trim away excess material and smooth edges for a finished look. These tools make post-processing faster and more efficient, so you can focus on the creative aspects of your project.

6. Spatula

A spatula is a versatile tool that helps you remove printed objects from the build plate without damaging them. This tool works by sliding under the edge of the print and gently prying it off the surface. A spatula can also be used to remove support structures and clean up excess material from the print.

7. Adjustable Wrench

An adjustable wrench is a handy tool for tightening or loosening nuts and bolts on your printer. This accessory comes in various sizes and can be adjusted to fit any size fastener. It’s a must-have if you need to replace parts, adjust settings, or perform routine maintenance on your 3D printer.

8. USB Card Reader

A USB card reader allows you to transfer files from your computer to your 3D printer quickly and easily. This accessory typically supports a variety of file types and comes with a MicroSD card slot. It’s especially useful if your printer doesn’t have Wi-Fi connectivity or if you prefer to transfer files via a portable storage device.

9. Metal Ruler

A metal ruler is another must-have tool for precise measurements. This accessory comes in different lengths and thicknesses and is ideal for measuring the thickness of filaments, checking print layer height or calibrating the Z-axis level of your printer. It is durable, accurate and easy to clean.

10. Needle Nose Pliers

Needle nose pliers are useful for holding small parts or wires while you adjust or connect them. They have a narrow, pointed tip that makes it easy to reach into tight spaces and grab tight areas or handle delicate components without damaging them. These pliers are essential if you’re doing wiring or working on your printer’s electronics.


These are our top 10 must-have 3D print accessories for every maker. Of course, these are not exhaustive, and there may be other accessories that you find useful to complete your 3D printing arsenal. It’s important to invest in high-quality accessories that make your workflow more efficient and improve your overall results. Remember, the right tools can make all the difference in creating the perfect 3D prints!.

Top 10 Must-Have 3D Print Accessories for Every Maker

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog post about the Top 10 Must-Have 3D Print Accessories for Every Maker. We believe that these accessories are essential for every maker, whether they are just starting out or have years of experience under their belt. With the right tools and equipment, you can take your 3D printing projects to the next level.

We hope that our list has given you some ideas about which accessories would be most useful for your own 3D printing needs. From filament to bed adhesion solutions, there are many different tools that you can add to your arsenal to improve your prints and reduce frustration. With careful consideration and a bit of research, you can find the perfect accessories to complement your existing setup.

Once again, thank you for reading our post. We hope that you found it informative and helpful. If you have any questions or comments about the accessories that we listed or any additional accessories that you would recommend, please feel free to share them in the comments below. Keep on making!

As 3D printing continues to gain popularity, the need for must-have accessories also increases. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced maker, having the right 3D print accessories can help improve your printing experience and ensure better results. Below are the top 10 must-have 3D print accessories for every maker:

  1. What is a heated bed and why do I need it?

    A heated bed is an essential accessory that helps prevent warping, provides better adhesion, and improves the overall quality of your 3D prints.

  2. What is a 3D print surface and why do I need it?

    A 3D print surface is a layer of material that sticks to your print bed and provides a stable base for your 3D prints. It ensures better adhesion and prevents warping. A popular 3D print surface is PEI (Polyetherimide).

  3. What is a filament dryer and why do I need it?

    A filament dryer is an accessory that helps remove moisture from your filaments, thus reducing the chances of print failures caused by water absorption. It ensures better print quality and prolongs the lifespan of your filaments.

  4. What is a nozzle cleaner and why do I need it?

    A nozzle cleaner is a tool that helps remove dirt, debris, and other particles that may clog your 3D printer nozzle. It ensures consistent extrusion and reduces the chances of print failures.

  5. What is a spool holder and why do I need it?

    A spool holder is an accessory that helps hold your filament spool in place, preventing it from rolling or tangling during printing. It ensures consistent feeding of the filament and reduces the chances of print failures.

  6. What is a scraper and why do I need it?

    A scraper is a tool that helps remove prints from the print bed without damaging the surface. It ensures easy removal of prints and reduces the chances of damaging your print bed.

  7. What is a caliper and why do I need it?

    A caliper is a measuring tool that helps measure the dimensions of your 3D prints. It ensures accuracy and precision, helping you make adjustments to your models for better results.

  8. What is a filament guide and why do I need it?

    A filament guide is an accessory that helps guide your filament towards the extruder, ensuring smooth feeding and reducing the chances of print failures caused by filament tangling or twisting.

  9. What is a cooling fan and why do I need it?

    A cooling fan is an accessory that helps cool down your 3D prints quickly, reducing the chances of warping and improving the overall quality of your prints.

  10. What is a glue stick and why do I need it?

    A glue stick is an adhesive that helps improve the adhesion of your prints to the print bed, ensuring better results and reducing the chances of print failures.