Top 10 Best Wide Format Sublimation Printers for Stunning Results

Top 10 Best Wide Format Sublimation Printers for Stunning Results

Are you looking for the best wide format sublimation printer to create stunning prints for your business or personal use? Look no further as we bring you the top 10 best printers available in 2021! With high-quality printing capabilities and incredible resolution, these printers are perfect for printing large format designs for various purposes.

If you’re into making custom t-shirts, mugs, and other promotional items, a wide format sublimation printer can greatly improve your output. Expect sharper images, brighter colors, and vivid details which will make your prints stand out from the competition. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or hobbyist, these printers are the right tool for you!

Our top 10 best wide format sublimation printers have been carefully selected based on their reliability, quality, ease of use, and affordability. We’ve reviewed each product to provide you with all the necessary details and specifications to make an informed decision. So, buckle up and get ready to explore the world of sublimation printing with our expert opinions and recommendations!

By reading this article, you’ll learn about the latest technological advancements in sublimation printing, key features to consider when choosing a wide format sublimation printer, and how to achieve stunning results that will amaze your customers. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your printing game and take your business to the next level. Find the perfect sublimation printer for you and get ready to create amazing works of art!

Best Wide Format Sublimation Printer
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Comparison of Top 10 Best Wide Format Sublimation Printers for Stunning Results

Introduction to Sublimation Printing


If you are looking for a printing technology that produces impressive and long-lasting prints, sublimation printing may be an excellent option. Sublimation printing process generates vivid colors and images by applying heat and pressure to dye ink transfers then turning them into gases that permeate the surface of the substrate.

Why Do You Need a Wide Format Sublimation Printer?


A wide-format sublimation printer is essential if you want to print large images or graphics that have high resolution and color fidelity. With these printers, you can produce banners, tradeshow displays, vehicle wraps, and backdrops using dye-sublimation technology at a much lower cost than traditional screen printing methods.

Comparison Table of Top 10 Best Wide Format Sublimation Printers

Brand Model Print Width DPI Price
Epson SureColor 64 inch 1440 x 720 $24,995.00
Roland Texart 64 inch 1440 x 1440 $19,995.00
Mimaki TS500P-3200 126 inch 720 x 720 $55,999.00
Mutoh VJ-1638TX 64 inch 1440 x 1440 $20,995.00
Ricoh Pro L5130/L5160 64 inch 1200 x 1200 $34,999.00
Durst Rho 312R 126 inch 900 x 900 $480,000.00
Citizen CX-320 126 inch 1200 x 1200 $79,950.00
Kornit Digital Vulcan 1.8 meter 1200 x 1200 $529,000.00
Flora XTR-3204 126 inch 1440 x 1440 $44,850.00
Anajet Ri 3000 23.6 inch 1200 x 1200 $23,995.00

Features and Benefits of Top 5 Best Wide Format Sublimation Printers

Epson SureColor


The Epson SureColor is an excellent option for professional printers seeking a large-format dye sublimation printer. It offers high-quality prints up to 64 inches wide and comes with automatic head adjustment and cleaning technology to increase efficiency and reduce maintenance time. The printer uses its advanced PrecisionCore® TFP® print head technology to ensure every detail appears crisp and sharp in 1440 x 720 dpi resolution.

Roland Texart


The Roland Texart offers an excellent balance of cost, efficiency, and quality. This printer can print up to 64-inch width and has a maximum resolution of 1440 x 1440 dpi. It uses a sublimation ink system that produces bright and consistent colors that resist fading or washing out.

Mimaki TS500P-3200


If you are looking for a low-maintenance and efficient printer that can produce top-notch graphics without much fuss, the Mimaki TS500P-3200 is your ideal choice. This 126-inch printer boasts high-density dye-sublimation inks that offer vibrant and long-lasting prints at 720 x 720 dpi resolution. The printer carts come in bigger sizes, allowing for more extended runs and eliminating frequent ink changes.

Mutoh VJ-1638TX


The Mutoh VJ-1638TX printer combines exceptional print quality with affordable per-square-foot operation costs. The printer can handle up to 64 inches wide, and it boasts a maximum resolution of 1440 x 1440 dpi. It also features an advanced radio frequency identification (RFID) technology that keeps ink cleaning solutions at the appropriate level, ensuring consistency and reliability while reducing cartridge wastage.

Ricoh Pro L5130/L5160


The Ricoh Pro L5130/L5160 printer stands out for its high-quality prints and productivity features, as well as its user-friendly interface. This printer can produce exceptionally bright and vivid graphics up to 64 inches wide using a maximum resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi. It also has an integrated media feed system that ensures it accurately feeds a variety of substrates, including vinyl, polyester, rigid boards, and even textiles.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wide-Format Sublimation Printer

When selecting the right wide-format sublimation printer for your needs, there are several factors you should consider, such as print quality, size, speed, ink type, resolution, price, ease of use, and maintenance requirements. You should also look for printers with flexible connectivity options, such as Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or USB, to maximize your printing convenience and versatility.



All the printers mentioned in this article offer excellent performance, productivity, and quality when it comes to wide-format printing. The selection of the right printer will ultimately depend on your specific needs, technical requirements, and budget. We hope that our in-depth comparison of these top 10 best wide-format sublimation printers will help you make an informed decision when selecting the right one for your business or personal use.

Thank you for taking the time to read our informative article about the top 10 best wide format sublimation printers for achieving stunning results. We understand the importance of investing in a high-quality printer that produces excellent prints that are crisp, clear, and vibrant. These ten printers have been carefully selected and researched to provide you with comprehensive and reliable information to help you make an informed choice.

We hope our article has been informative and insightful. Each printer on our list comes with its unique features and specifications to cater to specific needs and budgets. We understand the importance of having a reliable and high-performing printer for personal and commercial use. With our top 10 list, you can be confident that you are choosing from the best options on the market.

Once again, we appreciate your time and attention in reading our article. We hope it has been helpful and provided you with the necessary insights to make an informed purchase decision. If you have any additional questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are always here to help and provide you with the best advice possible.

When it comes to producing stunning sublimation prints, having the right printer is essential. Here are some of the most common questions people ask about the top 10 best wide format sublimation printers:

  1. What is a wide format sublimation printer?
  2. A wide format sublimation printer is a printing device that can produce large-format prints on various materials using sublimation ink. It is ideal for printing high-quality graphics and images on banners, textiles, decals, and other materials used in advertising, apparel, and home decor.

  3. What are the benefits of using a wide format sublimation printer?
  4. The benefits of using a wide format sublimation printer include the ability to produce high-quality prints with vibrant colors, sharp details, and long-lasting durability. These printers are also versatile and can handle various materials, allowing users to create a wide range of products.

  5. What are the top 10 best wide format sublimation printers?
  6. Here are the top 10 best wide format sublimation printers:

  • Epson SureColor F570
  • Sawgrass Virtuoso SG800
  • Roland Texart RT-640
  • Mimaki TS30-1300
  • HP Stitch S300
  • Mutoh ValueJet 1624X
  • Ricoh SG 7100DN
  • Oki Data Pro8432WT
  • Brother GTXpro BULK
  • Anajet RICOH Ri 1000
  • What should I consider when buying a wide format sublimation printer?
  • When buying a wide format sublimation printer, you should consider factors such as print quality, speed, durability, cost, and compatibility with different materials. You should also check the printer’s specifications, such as resolution, ink capacity, and connectivity options, to ensure it meets your printing needs.

  • Can I use a regular printer for sublimation printing?
  • No, you cannot use a regular printer for sublimation printing. Sublimation ink is specially formulated to transfer onto specific materials using heat, and regular printers are not equipped to handle this process. You need a sublimation printer that has a built-in heating element, which activates the ink and allows it to transfer onto the material.