Shop Lamar University Shirts: Show Your School Spirit!

Shop Lamar University Shirts: Show Your School Spirit!

Are you a proud student, alumni, or fan of Lamar University? Show off your school spirit by sporting one of our custom-made Lamar University shirts! Our shirts are not only fashionable but also high-quality, and they’re the perfect way to show your love for your school.

We have a wide selection of shirts available for both men and women, ranging from classic tees to trendy crop tops. Whether you’re attending a game, running errands, or hitting the gym, our shirts will keep you looking stylish while representing your university.

Not only that, but our shirts make great gifts for friends and family who share your passion for Lamar University. Surprise them with an awesome shirt that they’ll love wearing for years to come!

So why wait? Shop our collection of Lamar University shirts today and join the ranks of proud Cardinals who proudly display their school spirit. Don’t forget to grab one for yourself, too – because everyone deserves to show off their college pride!

Lamar University Shirts
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If you’re attending Lamar University or are an alumni, there’s no better way to show your school spirit than by wearing your school colors and logo on a t-shirt. Shop Lamar University Shirts is the official online store where you can find a wide selection of shirts in different styles, sizes, and colors. In this comparison article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best-selling shirts available at Shop Lamar University Shirts to help you choose the perfect one for you.

Branded Shirts


What are Branded Shirts?

Branded shirts are t-shirts that have been designed specifically for marketing and promotional purposes. They usually feature the school name, logo, and motto, among other things. The idea is to promote school spirit and pride in the student body and alumni.

Branded Shirts Available at Shop Lamar University Shirts

Shirt Name Size Options Price Range
Lamar University Lions Distressed Arch T-Shirt S, M, L, XL, XXL $22.99 – $25.99
Lamar Cardinals New Era Sideline Home Cuffed Pom Knit Hat – Red One size fits all $31.99
Navy Lamar University Cardigan Sweater S, M, L, XL, XXL $59.99 – $65.99

If you’re looking for something simple yet stylish to show your school pride, the Lamar University Lions Distressed Arch T-Shirt is a great option. It’s available in a variety of sizes and comes in either red or gray. The t-shirt looks trendy with its distressed graphic design, making it a perfect choice for both current students and alumni. The New Era Sideline Home Cuffed Pom Knit Hat in red is another excellent product for anyone who wants to keep their head warm while cheering for the Lions. It features a beautiful embroidered Lamar Cardinals logo on the front and a pom on top.

Fan Gear Shirts


What are Fan Gear Shirts?

Fan gear shirts are t-shirts that represent a personal connection to a school sports team. They feature different designs that signify support for a given team, such as team logos, team colors, and slogans.

Fan Gear Shirts Available at Shop Lamar University Shirts

Shirt Name Size Options Price Range
Lamar University Swashbuckler T-Shirt – Grey S, M, L, XL, XXL $21.99 – $23.99
Lamar University Women’s Softball Long Sleeve T-Shirt – White S, M, L, XL, XXL $29.99 – $31.99
Basketball Grandparent Hoodie – Black S, M, L, XL, XXL $39.99

The Lamar University Swashbuckler T-Shirt is a great choice for anyone who wants to show their support for the university sports teams. It comes in gray and is available in different sizes to fit anyone’s preference. If you’re a fan of the Lamar softball team, then the Lamar University Women’s Softball Long Sleeve T-Shirt in white is perfect for you! This shirt is soft, comfortable, and feminine. Additionally, the Basketball Grandparent Hoodie in black is ideal for all grandparents who want to root for the school’s basketball team.


In summary, when comparing branded and fan gear shirts on Shop Lamar University Shirts, they all have something special to offer. The branded shirts are perfect for showcasing school pride on a day-to-day basis while fan gear shirts can communicate school spirit and sports pride more directly. A branded t-shirt, like the Lamar University Lions Distressed Arch T-Shirt is stylish and easy to pair, making it versatile. Fan gear shirts are more suitable for athletic events, such as cheering in the student section or attending a game, like the Lamar University Swashbuckler T-Shirt. Both types of merchandise are available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and designs, so everyone can find something they like.


If you’re a Lamar University student or alumni, buying a shirt from Shop Lamar University Shirts is one of the best ways to show your school pride in a stylish and comfortable way. By donning a branded shirt or fan gear shirt, you’ll be representing everything that makes Lamar University a great place to study, work, and play. Consider these options if you’re looking for top-quality school-branded merchandise.

Shop Lamar University Shirts: Show Your School Spirit!

Thank you for taking the time to read our article about the importance of showing your school spirit by wearing Lamar University shirts. We hope that it has inspired you to purchase some new shirts and proudly represent our amazing university.

By wearing Lamar University apparel, you not only show your support for our school, but you also contribute to the overall culture on campus. It’s important to have a strong sense of community, especially in a college setting where so many students are far away from home. By wearing official LU gear, you help create a sense of belonging and pride among your fellow Cardinals.

In addition to fostering community, wearing Lamar University shirts can also be a fun way to express yourself and showcase your personal style. With a wide variety of designs, colors, and styles to choose from, you’re sure to find something that fits your personality and fashion sense. Plus, there’s nothing like running into another Cardinals fan out in the world and sharing a sense of camaraderie and connection!

Overall, we highly recommend purchasing some Lamar University shirts as a way to show your school spirit and contribute to the thriving culture here on campus. Whether you’re a current student, an alum, or simply a fan of the university, there’s never been a better time to get your hands on some stylish, high-quality LU apparel. Thank you again for reading and for your support of our wonderful institution!

People Also Ask About Shop Lamar University Shirts: Show Your School Spirit!

  1. What types of Lamar University shirts are available?
  2. There are a variety of Lamar University shirts available including t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies.

  3. Where can I purchase Lamar University shirts?
  4. Lamar University shirts can be purchased at the university bookstore or online through the Lamar University website or other retailers.

  5. What sizes do Lamar University shirts come in?
  6. Lamar University shirts come in a range of sizes from small to 3XL depending on the style.

  7. Are there different designs for Lamar University shirts?
  8. Yes, there are multiple designs for Lamar University shirts including the school logo, mascot, and various graphics and slogans.

  9. Can I customize my Lamar University shirt?
  10. Some retailers may offer customization options for Lamar University shirts, such as adding your name or changing the color of the design.

  11. What is the price range for Lamar University shirts?
  12. The price range for Lamar University shirts varies depending on the style and retailer, but generally ranges from $15 to $50.