Ride in Style with Wrangler’s PBR Shirt Collection.

Ride in Style with Wrangler's PBR Shirt Collection.

For cowboys, there’s really nothing quite like riding in style on the ranch or at a rodeo. And when it comes to dressing with authentic western flair, there’s no better way to make a statement than with Wrangler’s PBR Shirt Collection. These shirts are the perfect blend of ruggedness and style, designed to help you feel confident and comfortable both on and off the saddle.

Whether you’re looking for something sleek and modern or traditional and timeless, the PBR Shirt Collection has the right option to fit your style. From classic denim shirts to plaid patterns, these shirts are made from premium materials and feature unique details that will have you standing out from the crowd.

So why settle for ordinary when you can ride in style with Wrangler’s PBR Shirt Collection? Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors or spending a day on the farm, these shirts are sure to keep you feeling comfortable and looking stylish all day long. Don’t wait any longer to upgrade your wardrobe – give Wrangler’s PBR Shirt Collection a try today!

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Comparison Blog Article: Ride in Style with Wrangler’s PBR Shirt Collection


If you’re a rodeo enthusiast or just someone who loves to dress up like one, you’ll be glad to know that Wrangler has launched its latest line of cowboy shirts – the PBR Shirt Collection. These exclusive shirts are designed to bring out your inner cowboy while keeping you comfortable and stylish at all times.


Fabric Vs Quality

The PBR Shirt Collection is made of high-quality cotton that feels incredibly soft against your skin. The fabric is lightweight and breathable, which makes it comfortable to wear even on hot summer days. It is also sturdy and durable, which means that the shirt will last you a long time even after multiple washes.


Aesthetics Vs Functionality

The PBR Shirt Collection comes in various designs and colors, ranging from classic plaid to bold prints. Each shirt features unique details such as snap buttons, western yokes, and embroidered logos. While the shirts look great on their own, they are also functional enough to wear during rodeo events or casual outings.


Regular Vs Slim Fit

The PBR Shirt Collection is available in both regular and slim fits, so you can choose the one that suits your style preferences. The regular fit provides ample room for movement, while the slim fit hugs your body for a more tailored look. Whichever fit you choose, you can be assured that it will be comfortable to wear throughout the day.


Cost Vs Value

The PBR Shirt Collection is priced between $39.99 to $49.99, which makes it an affordable option compared to other high-end cowboy shirts available in the market. Moreover, the quality of the fabric and the attention to detail in the design make the shirt well worth the investment.

Overall Verdict

If you’re looking for comfortable and stylish cowboy shirts to wear during rodeo events or casual outings, the Wrangler PBR Shirt Collection should definitely be on your list. With its high-quality fabric, unique designs, multiple fits, and affordable price range, the collection offers excellent value for money. It’s time to ride in style with Wrangler’s PBR Shirt Collection!

Table Comparison

Features Wrangler PBR Shirt Collection Other High-end Cowboy Shirts
Material Soft, lightweight, and breathable cotton High-quality, but may include less breathable materials like polyester blends
Design Unique designs with western details and embroidered logos Classic designs with minimal or no details
Fit Available in both regular and slim fits May not be available in different fits
Price Affordable price range of $39.99 to $49.99 Can range from $50 to $200 or more

Ride in Style with Wrangler’s PBR Shirt Collection.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Wrangler’s PBR Shirt Collection. We hope that this article has helped you understand what makes these shirts so special and why they are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to ride in style. No matter whether you are a professional bull rider or someone who simply enjoys the rodeo as a spectator, these shirts are sure to turn heads and make you feel confident and comfortable while you go about your day.

At Wrangler, we are committed to providing high-quality, durable, and stylish clothing for anyone who loves western fashion. We care about every detail of our products, from the materials we use to the design of each individual garment. With our PBR Shirt Collection, we have combined our expertise and passion for western fashion with the demands of the rodeo lifestyle. The result is a collection of shirts that look great, feel comfortable, and stand up to even the toughest conditions.

So if you are looking for a shirt that will help you ride in style, look no further than Wrangler’s PBR Shirt Collection. Whether you prefer a classic plaid, a bold graphic print, or something in between, we have the perfect shirt for you. So why wait? Visit our website today to browse our full collection and find the perfect shirt for your next ride.

People also ask about Ride in Style with Wrangler’s PBR Shirt Collection:

  1. What is the PBR shirt collection from Wrangler?
  2. The PBR shirt collection from Wrangler is a line of shirts that are designed for rodeo enthusiasts and fans of the Professional Bull Riders association. These shirts feature bold graphics and designs inspired by the sport of bull riding.

  3. What styles of shirts are available in the PBR collection?
  4. There are several styles of shirts available in the PBR collection, including button-down shirts, t-shirts, and western-style snap shirts. Each style features unique designs that are sure to make a statement.

  5. What sizes are available in the PBR shirt collection?
  6. The PBR shirt collection is available in a range of sizes to fit men and women of all shapes and sizes. Sizes vary depending on the specific style of shirt, but most are available in sizes small through XXXL.

  7. Can I wear these shirts for more than just rodeo events?
  8. Absolutely! While these shirts are designed with rodeo events in mind, they can be worn for a variety of occasions. Pair them with jeans and boots for a casual look or dress them up with slacks and a blazer for a more formal look.

  9. Where can I purchase the PBR shirt collection from Wrangler?
  10. The PBR shirt collection is available for purchase online at Wrangler.com and at select retailers. Check the Wrangler website for a list of authorized retailers near you.